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Date Title Source
28-Oct-06 US, Iraq pledge to maintain strong ties The Boston Globe
27-Oct-06 Month's GI toll worst in a year Chicago Tribune
No Date 43 killed in house-to-house fighting
4-Oct-06 3rd BCT troops prep for deployment ops Fort Hood Sentinel
23-Oct-06 Army leaders attend district council meeting in Muqdadiyah Black Anthem
28-Oct-06 US soldier killed in Iraq  The Peninsula
28-Oct-06 Iraq: Army Has Al-Zarqawi's Cameraman Associated Press
30-Oct-06 Iraq casualties rising on both sides Los Angeles Times
30-Oct-06 Hamilton native dies in Iraq Middletown Journal
1-Nov-06 Iraq police seize donkey laden with landmines on Iran border
6-Nov-06 "America will pay an enormous price such as
it has never paid in all its history"
9-Nov-06 Iraq, not election, is on troops' minds Los Angeles Times
12-Nov-06 Sectarian Rifts Foretell Pitfalls of Iraqi Troops’ Taking Control The New York Times
12-Nov-06 Iraq govt defends general U.S. says is sectarian Reuters
13-Nov-06 Huge death toll in day of Iraq violence The Guardian Unlimited
18-Nov-06 2 NYC soldiers, including one with Conn. ties, killed in Iraq The Boston Globe
18-Nov-06 Fort Bragg soldier from Maryland killed in Iraq  The Herald Sun
23-Nov-06 U.S. Fights Highly Trained Militants in Iraq The New York Times
2-Dec-06 IA captures insurgent leader in Baqubah Multi-National Corps – Iraq
2-Dec-06 IA, CF Maintain Security, Stability in Baqubah Multi-National Corps – Iraq
3-Dec-06 Iraqi Forces Taking Lead in Fight Against Terror The Student Operated Press
6-Dec-06 Horrors of closet civil war played out in no man's land The Guardian Unlimited
7-Dec-06 Air Strike Kills Terrorist The Military Family Network
8-Dec-06 Four Insurgents Captured; Leaders Discuss Security in Iraq The Conservative Voice
10-Dec-06 Danger lurks in the roadside debris Army engineers are tasked with clearing in Iraq  Stars and Stripes
10-Dec-06 U.S., Iraqi Forces Capture 50 Insurgents, Seize Numerous Weapons The Conservative Voice
12-Dec-06 Wrestlers begin holiday tour at FOB Warhorse  Stars and Stripes
12-Dec-06 A coordinated struggle for power The Guardian Unlimited
14-Dec-06 Colonel: Tribal leaders trust terrorists over Iraqi army
15-Dec-06 Iraqi Police, Civilians Display Courage Under Fire The Conservative Voice
15-Dec-06 US commander: Iraqi province distrusts army, police Reuters
15-Dec-06 Iraqi Tribal Leaders Turn To Terrorists For Protection Waco Temple Killeen
21-Dec-06 Fort Hood soldiers thank town with 'Operation Etoile' Houston Chronicle
17-Dec-06 ‘Lucky' Iraqi translator has America and little else (AFP) POLITICAL NEWS.ORG
19-Dec-06 Iraq, Coalition Forces Crack Down on Insurgents, Uncover Caches The Conservative Voice
21-Dec-06 IA Captures Al Qaeda In Iraq Cell Leaders Black Anthem
24-Dec-06 Iraq's Diyala province -- center of sectarian conflict  Yahoo News
24-Dec-06 No Title
24-Dec-06 Suicide bomber kills 7 Iraqi police, 30 wounded Reuters
9-Jan-07 Airpower strikes insurgent stronghold in Iraq AF News
9-Jan-07 Iraqi-US forces engage with militants, kill three Kuna
14-Jan-07 Preliminary goodwill to produce mission results Black Anthem
16-Jan-07 IRAQ: US air strikes isolate Baqubah villagers  African News Dimension
17-Jan-07 IRAQ: US air strikes isolate Baqubah villagers  Reuters
20-Jan-07 Some incidents in which insurgents have downed aircraft in Iraq International Herald Tribune
22-Jan-07 Residents say Baqouba is a dangerous ghost city, the U.S., Iraqi military disagree  Union Tribune - San Diego
23-Jan-07 North of Capital, A Tale of Two Iraqs: Mayor Is Kidnapped On a Day U.S. Cites
Progress in Province
Washington Post
24-Jan-07 Police report Baqouba mayor kidnapped, office ransacked and damaged in explosion USA Today
24-Jan-07 Combined Operation Nets Insurgents, Weapons in Baghdad The Conservative Voice
26-Jan-07 Sheriff's Office donates ballistic vests The Eureka Reporter
27-Jan-07 Joint U-S Iraqi raid results in more than 100 al-Qaida linked terrorists killed WWAY News Channel 3
28-Jan-07 Iraqi soldiers still rely heavily on U.S. - The troops have made strides, but they lack
equipment -- and patience.
Los Angeles Times
28-Jan-07 Diyala provincial authorities fire 1,500 policemen and sack Baqouba's mayor Union Tribune - San Diego
31-Jan-07 50 Iraqis Die as Holiday Brings Spasm of Sectarian Killing The New York Times
31-Jan-07 Fuel truck blows up at Iraqi army base - police Reuters
31-Jan-07 Iraqi, Coalition Troops Treat Civilians Wounded in Attack  The Military Family Network 
3-Feb-07 No Title American Forces Information
6-Feb-07 Troops in Iraq Kill Official Who Worked for Shiite Cleric The New York Times
13-Feb-07 Lawlessness turns Baquba into ghost town
13-Feb-07 Sunni insurgents carrying fight north out of Baghdad The Houston Chronicle
14-Feb-07 California Governor Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of San Diego
Soldier: Pvt. Clarence T. Spencer
All American Patriot
16-Feb-07 And a 25 Percent Chance of Scattered Mortar Fire The Statesman
17-Feb-07 I use eye drops to hide the tears, the American e officer said The Guardian Unlimited
18-Feb-07 Brutal reality of battle for hearts and minds The Guardian Unlimited
19-Feb-07 Local Soldier Helps Iraqi Army Capture Insurgents The 
21-Feb-07 Insurgents push north out of Baghdad, making fight more deadly for U.S. forces
21-Feb-07 North Of Baghdad, War Getting Worse CBS News
22-Feb-07 Gunmen, children, brutality and bombs - Iraq's dirty war The Guardian Unlimited
23-Feb-07 In Iraq, Decisions Mean Life or Death  Associated Press
23-Feb-07 AP IMPACT: Iraq's 'Three-Block War'  Associated Press
23-Feb-07 Soldier's family seeks to learn how he died
10-Mar-07 Pentagon Struggles to Find Fresh Troops NPR
10-Mar-07 U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Civilians in Sadr City The New York Times
10-Mar-07 Iraqi police kidnapped in raid The Sunday Telegraph 
16-Mar-07 Baqubah fresh battleground in Iraq United Press International
17-Mar-07 Foes change their focus The Washington Times
17-Mar-07 Riding On The Most Dangerous Iraqi Roads
23-Mar-07 Could Diyala be Al-Qaeda's Waterloo?
23-Mar-07 Attacks surge in Iraq province instead of Baghdad Middle East Online 
23-Mar-07 Strykers face Diyala barrage USA Today
23-Mar-07 U.S., Iraqi Forces Target Diyala Insurgents NPR
25-Mar-07 Freedom Fighters Launch Independent Radio and Television Station in Iraq  Elites TV
25-Mar-07 700 more U.S. soldiers arrive in troubled Diyala province Houston Chronicle 
4-Apr-07 U.S.: ‘Terrorist training camp’ found in Diyala province  Stars and Stripes
4-Apr-07 Al-Qaida building forces, swarming to Diyala
9-Apr-07 Four years after Baghdad's fall  San Antonio Express News
10-Apr-07 Sunni, Shia launch new radio station in Iraq Edmonton, Canada, Journal
13-Apr-07 'This Is Tough News': Soldiers and Their Families Brace for Extended Tours Washington Post
15-Apr-07 Heartfelt thanks Killeen Daily Herald  
16-Apr-07 U.S. Bolstering Force in Deadly Diyala Washington Post Foreign Service
22-Apr-07 Troops in Diyala Face A Skilled, Flexible Foe Washington Post
4-May-07 In Baqubah, troops find al-Qaida dug deep Associated Press
12-May-07 U.S. commander seeks more troops for dangerous area The Daily Journal
13-May-07 Recent losses raise questions about Strykers Army Times
13-May-07 Iraq PM says more troops for volatile Diyala Reuters 


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