Glossary - A to C


1LT – First Lieutenant (US Army)
1st Lt  or 1Lt – First Lieutenant (USAF)
2d Lt or 2Lt – Second Lieutenant (USAF)
2LT – Second Lieutenant (US Army)
A/OA – observation aircraft
A2C2 – Army Airspace Command and Control
AA – Air Assault; Assembly Area
AAA – anti-aircraft artillery 
AAAV – advanced amphibious assault vehicle
AAR – after-action review/report
AAS - Ansar Al Sunna
AAS/AASAB-Ali al Saleem/Ali al Saleem Air Base, Kuwait
AASLT-Air Assault
ABE- Assistant Brigade Engineer
ABL – Ammunition Basic Load
ABM- anti-ballistic missile
ABN – airborne
ABT – airborne threat
AC, A/C – aircraft; air conditioning
ACA – Airspace control authority
ACCE – Air Component Command Element
ACDI-VOCA-Agricultural Cooperative Development-Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Agreement.
ACE – air control element ; Analysis Control Element
ACERT – Army Computer Emergency Response Team
ACF – anti-coalition forces
ACM – Airspace control measure, air combat maneuvers
ACMR – Airspace control measure request
ACO – Airspace control order, airspace coordination order, air control order
ACOG – Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACOTA- African Contingency Operations and Assistance
ACP – Airspace control plan, air control points, ammunition control point
ACR - armored cavalry regiment
ACSA – acquisition cross service agreement
AD – air defense
ADA – air defense artillery
ADC-M – Assistant Division Commander – Maneuver
ADC-O – Assistant Division Commander – Operations
ADCON-administrative control
ADC-S – Assistant Division Commander – Support
ADOC - Area Defense Operations Center (see BDOC)
ADVON-Advanced Echelon Element
AE – aeromedical evacuation
AEF – air expeditionary flight; Aerospace Expeditionary Force
AEG – air expeditionary group
AES – air expeditionary squadron
AEV- armored engineer vehicle
AEW – air expeditionary wing
AFFOR – Air Force Forces
AFI – Air Force Instruction (regulation)
AFO-Advanced Force Operations
AFOSI – Air Force Office of Special Investigation
AFP – Agence France-Presse
AFRAT-Air Force Radiation Assessment Team
AFRRI-Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
AFSC – Air Force Specialty Code (see MOS)
AFSCOORD – Assistant Fire Support Coordinator
AFTAC-Air Force Technical Applications Center
AG – Adjutant General
AGL-Above Ground Level
AGM – air-to-ground missile (i.e., AGM-114); Attack Guidance Matrix
AH – attack helicopter
AI- air interdiction
AID – Agency for International Development
AIE – Anti-Iraqi Elements
AIF - Anti Iraqi Forces
AIT – air Intercept Training
AJ – Al Jazeera (Islamic newspaper)
AK – Automovat Kalashnikov (ex – AK-47)
ALOC – Administrative Logistics Operations Center
AMB – Air Mission Brief
AMC – Air Mobility Command
AMCM – Air Mission Coordination Meeting
AMDWS – Air missile defense work station
AMEMB – American Embassy
AMOUT – advanced military operations in urban terrain (CJSOTF)
AMR – Air mission request
AMZ - Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi
ANFO – Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
ANOSC – Army Network Operations and Security Center
AO – area of operations; action officer
AOA – Amphibious Operations Area
AOB – advance operating base (company-level HQ for CJSOTF)
AOI – area of interest
AOR – area of responsibility  
AP – anti-personnel (mine); Associated Press
APC – armored personnel carrier
APOD – Air Port of Debarkation
APOE – Aerial Port of Embarkation
APR, Apr – April
APT – Assessment Patrol Team 
AQ – Al Qaida
AQAM – Al Qaida and Associated Movements
AQIZ - Al Qa’ida in Iraq
AQSL – Al Qaida Senior Leadership 
AR – Army Regulation
ARCENT – U.S. Army Forces, U.S. Central Command
ARE – United Arab Emirates
ARFOR – Army Forces
ARM – (CJSOTF) advanced rifle marksmanship (see BRM)
ARSOC - Army Special Operations Component
ARSPACE – United States Army Space Command
AS – Ansar al-Sunna
ASC – Army Signal Command
ASCC – Army Service Component Command
ASI – Authorized Service Interruption; Addition Skill Identifier
ASO – Advanced Special Operations 
ASOS – Army Support to Other Services 
ASP – Ammo Supply Point
ASPB – Army Strategic Planning Board
ASR - alternate supply route (see MSR)
ASSLT – assault
AST – Advisory Support Team
ASV – armored support vehicle
ASW – Asymmetric Warfare
AT – anti-tank (mine); anti-terrorism; Assistance Team
AT/FP – anti-terrorism/force protection
ATA – automatic target acquisition
ATACMS – Army Tactical Missile System
ATARS – Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATK, ATTK - attack
ATO – air tasking order
ATOIC – Anti-Terrorism Operations Intelligence Cell (Army)
AUG, Aug – August
AUS - Australian
AVN - aviation
AWACS – Airborne Warning & Control System
AWT – Air weapon team (Apache)
AWTFA – Aerial weapons test flight area
B – billion (ex: $18B = $18,000,000); bomber
BADR Corps – Paramilitary Army of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)
BAE – brigade aviation element
BAF – Bagram Air Field 
BAS – Basrah Air Station; basic allowance for subsistence
BAT – Border Assistance Team (see BTT) or biometric automated toolset
BATCON – Battalion Control
BAT-T – Battalion Augmentation Team -Training
BCCT – Baghdad Correction Confinement Facility
BCP -  Border Control Point 
BCT - brigade combat team (Army)
BDA – battle damage assessment
BDE – brigade
BDOC - Base Defense Operations Center (see ADOC)
BFA – battle focus area
BFT – blue force tracking; Blue Force Tracker
BFV – Bradley Fighting Vehicle
BG – Brigadier General (US Army)
BGE - brigade
BGen – Brigadier General (USMC)
BH&E – Building, Health and Education 
BHA – bomb hit assessment
BHR – Bahrain  ( country code) 
BIA – bomb impact assessment
BIAP – Baghdad International Airport
BIDS – Biological integrated Detection System
BIF - brigade interrogation facility
BIP – Blown In Place
BISA – Biometric Identification System for Access
BLDG, Bldg - building

Blue Forces – MNF (US & Coalition) forces

Blue-on-blue (attack) – MNF attacking other MNF accidentally
Blue-on-green (attack) – MNF attacking (friendly) Iraqi forces accidentally
Blue-on-White (attack) – MNF attacking civilian (neutral)
BLUF – bottom line up front
BM- 12 – 107mm Russian rocket
BMC – Battlefield Management Cell
BMF – bomb-making factory
BMM – bomb-making materials
BN – battalion
BOG – boots on ground
BOLO – be on look-out (for)
BOS – battlefield operating system
BP – Battle Position, Blocking Position
BPT – be prepared to
BPTD – Be Prepared to Deploy 
BRF – battalion reaction force (see QRF)
Brig Gen – Brigadier General (USAF)
BrigGen – Brigadier General (USMC)
BRM – (CJSOTF) basic rifle marksmanship (see ARM)
BSA – Brigade Support Area
BSD – Basic Source Data 
BSU – Base Support Unit
BTR – … (Russian-made APC)
BTT - Border Training Team
BTT – Border Transition Team
BUA – battle update assessment (brief)
BUB – Battle Update Brief
C – cargo; combined; coalition
C&S – cordon & search
C/JOA – Combined / Joint Operations Area
C1 – Personnel (J1)
C2 – command and control
C2 – Intelligence (J2)
C-23 – Sherpa airlift aircraft
C2PC – Command and Control Personal Computer
C3 – Operations (J3)
C3IC – Coalition Coordination, Communications, and Integration Center
C4 – Plans (J4)
C4I – Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence
C5 - … (J5)
C6 – Communications (J6)
C7 – Logistics (J7)
CA – civil affairs; counter attack
CAAT – Combined Arms Analysis Team
CAB – Combat Aviation Brigade
CAC – Combined Arms Center; Casualty Assistance Center
CACE – Coalition Analysis & Control Element
CACOM – Civil Affairs Command
CAG – commander’s action group; civil affairs group; carrier aviation group
CAHA – Captured Ammo Holding Area
CAKMS - Civil Affairs Knowledge System Management System
CAL – caliber
CALFEC – Combined Arms Live Firing Exercise 
CALL – Center for Army Lessons Learned
CAMO – Coalition Automation Management Office
CAN – Canada (country code)
CAO – combined area of operations
CAOC – Combined Air Operations Center, Current aviation operation center
CAP – Crisis Action Planning
Capt – Captain (USAF, USMC)
CAS – close air support
CASB – Commander’s Assessment Board
CAT – category; crisis action team; Civil Affairs Team
CAT-A – Civil Affairs Team A (CATB, CATC)
CATM – Civic Action Team 
CAV – cavalry
CBI – Central Bank of Iraq 
CBPS – Chemical Biological Protective Shelter 
CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (Defense)
CC – Courtesy Copy; Carbon Copy
CCCC- Combatant Commander Central Command 
CCCI – Central Criminal Court of Iraq
CCIATL – Central Council for Iraqi and Arabic Tribe Leaders
CCIB – Command & Control Interoperability
CCIR – Commander’s Critical Intelligence Requirements
CCP – Casualty Collection Point 
CCSD – Command communications Service Designator
CCSO – CENTCOM Special Operations 
CDCIE – Cross Domain Collaborative Information Environment
CDE - Collateral Damage Estimate
CDI – Civil Defense Initiative
CDIED – Command Detonated Improvised Explosive Device 
CDM – Chemical Downwind Message
CDR – commander
CEA – captured enemy ammunition
CENTAF – U.S. Air Forces, U.S. Central Command
CENTCOM – Central Command
CENTRIXS – Combined (Coalition) Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
CEO – Captured Enemy Ordnance 
CEOI – Communications-Electronic Operating Instructions
CERP – commander’s emergency relief program (funding)
CEXC - Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (MNC-I ‘sexy’) 
CF - coalition forces
CFACC – Combined Forces Air Component Command
CFC – combined forces commander; Combined Federal Campaign
CFCI – Combined Forced Command Iraqi 
CFH – Contingency Forward Headquarters
CFLCC – Coalition (Combined) Forces Land Component Command
CFMCC – Coalition Forces Maritime Component Commander
CFSO – counter-intelligence force protection source operations
CFSOCC – Combined Forces Special Operation Component Command
CG – commanding general
CGIWD – Coast Guard Inland Waterways Division
CH – cargo helicopter
CHN- China ( country code)
CHOP – Change of Operations Control
CHOPS – chief of operations
CHRRP – Commander’s Humanitarian Relief/Reconstruction Projects
CHS – Combat Health Services
CI – counter-intelligence
CIACG – Coalition Interagency Coordination Group
CIAP – Command Intelligence Architecture/Planning Program
CID – Central Investigation Department/Division
CIDNE – Combined Information Data Network Exchange (pronounced like Sydney); SIGACTS database
CIDNE – Combined Information Data Network Exchange (pronounced like Sydney); SIGACTS database
CIED – counter-IED
CIF - Civil Intervention Force (ISF) (see POB & SPR)
CIG – Coalition Inspector General
CIIF – CINC In-Extremis Force
CIMIC – Civil Military Cooperation
CIMS - Civil Information Management System
CISB – Critical Incident Stress Briefing
Cit – Citizenship
CIV – Civilian
CIVIC – Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict
CJCCC – Combined Joint Command and Control Communications Center
CJCS – Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJOC – coalition joint operations center
CJSOTF-AP – Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabia Peninsula
CJTF – Combined Joint Task Force; Coalition joint Task Force; Commander, Joint Task Force
CLP – combat logistics patrol
CLS – Combat Life Saver
CM – consequence management; collection management
CMAT – Civil Military Affairs team 
CMATT – Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
CME – Civil- Military Engineering
CMET – Counter Mortar Exploitation Team 
CMO – civil military operations (patrol); counter-mortar operations
CMOC – civil military operations center
CMOTF – Civil Military Operations Task Force
CNA – Computer Network Attack
CNE – Computer Network Exploitation
CNO – computer network operations
CO – company, Commanding Officer, Contracting Officer
COA - course of action (see MDCOA, MLCOA)
COAB – Campaign Objective Assessment Board 
COAX – Co-Axial
COB – Contingency Operating Base
COCOM – combatant command (command authority)
CODEL – congressional delegation (U.S.)
CoE or COE – Chief of Engineers (Army)
COG – Center of Gravity
COIC – Combined operations intelligence center
COIN – Counter-Insurgency
COL – Colonel (US Army), Contingency Operating Location
Col – Colonel (USAF, USMC)
COLISEUM – Common On-Line Intelligence System for End User and Management
COMCAM - combat camera
COMCAM - combat camera
COMPUSEC – Computer Security
COMSEC – Communications Security
COMSTAT – Communication Status Report
CONPLAN – Contingency Plan
CONUS – continental United States
COORD – coordination
COP – common operating picture
COS – Contingency Operating Site
CoS or COS – chief of staff
COSCOM – (13) Corps Support Command (US Army)
COSCOM CG – COSCOM Commanding General
COSQC- Central Office(organizational) For Standardization and Quality Control
CP - combined patrol; check point; choke point; collective protection; counter-proliferation; Command Post
CPA – Coalition Provisional Authority (replaced by U.S. Mission and IIG)
CPATT – Coalition Police Assistance Training Team
CPG – commander’s planning group
CPIC – Coalition Press Information Center
CPP – Convoy Protection Platform
CPS - Crown Prosecution Service
CPSE – corps PSYOP support element (see DPSE)
CPT – Captain (US Army)
CPX – Command Post Exercice
CQB – Close Quarters Battle 
CQC – close quarters combat
CRC – Control and reporting center, CONUS Replacement Center
CRE – Crisis Response Element 
CRG – Controlled risk Group 
CRP – combat reconnaissance patrol
CRRB – Combined Review & Release Board (detainees)
CS – Combat Support
CSB – corps support battalion
CSF – Central Security Force – Yemeni personnel trained by the British 
CSG – combat support group
CSH – Combat Support Hospital; Combat Surgical Hospital
CSI – Container Security Initiative
CSM – Command Sergeant Major
CSO – communications support office
CSOF – Coalition Special Operations Forces
CSS – Combat Service Support
CST – Coalition Support Team/ Combat Support Team 
CTAA – Consolidated transportation assembly area
CTC – Combat Training Center
CTCB – Combined Targeting Coordination Board
CTEP – Counter Terrorism Enhancement Program 
CTF – Counter Terrorism Force/ Centralized Training Facility 
CTG – Counter Terrorism Group 
CTR – Close Target Reconnaissance / Cooperative Threat Reduction 
CTWG – Combined Targeting Working Group 
CULT – Common User Land Transportation
CURROPS – current operations
CV – Aircraft Carrier
CVBG – Aircraft Carrier Battle Group
CVSG – Aircraft Carrier Strike Group
CW – chemical warfare; chemical weapons
CWG – Coalition Working Group
CWIED – Command wired IED
CWO – Chief Warrant Officer


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