Glossary - U to Z


U – utility
U/I – Unidentified 
UAE – United Arab Emirates
UAH - up-armored HMMWV (M-116)
UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle
UAV-SR – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Short Range
UDM – unit deployment manager (USAF)
UEx – Unit of Employment (Provides Battle Command at the tactical and lower levels)
UH – utility helicopter
UH-1N - … (helo)
UH-60 - … (helo)
UHAV – Up- Armored Humvee 
UK – United Kingdom
ULN – Unit Line Number
UMT – Unit Ministry Team
UN – United Nations
UNAMI – U.N. Assistance Mission – Iraq
UNDP – United Nation Development Program 
UNHCR – U.N. High Commission for Refugees
UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund
UNK - unknown
UNMOVIC - U.N. Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission
UNSC – U.N. Security Council
UNSCR – U.N. Security Council Resolution
US or U.S. – United States
USA – United States of America; U.S. Army
USACAPOC – U.S. Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Army)
USACE _ United States Army Corp of Engineers
USAE – USA Environmental (contractors)
USAF – U.S. Air Force
USAID – U.S. Agency for International Development
USAJFKSWCS – United State Army John Fitzgerald Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School
USASFC – US Army Special Forces Command 
USC – United States Code
USCENTCOM  - U.S Central Command 
USCG – U.S. Coast Guard
USEMB – U.S. Embassy
USEMB – U.S. Embassy
USIA – United States Information Agency
USLO – US Liaison Office 
USMC – U.S. Marine Corps
USN – U.S. Navy
USTRANSCOM – United States Transportation Command
UTAM – Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT System
UTO  - United Tajik Opposition 
UWOA – Unconventional Warfare Operational Area 
UXO -  Unexploded Ordnance
UXO – unexploded ordinance
UZB – Uzbekistan (country code)
VA – Vulnerability Assessment; Veterans Administration
VAP – Vulnerability Assessment Program
VAT – Vulnerability Assessment Team
VBIED -  Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (no driver-replaces “VCIED”)
VBIED - vehicle-based IED (mobile & suicide); Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devise
VB-S - Victory Base-South
VBSS – Visit, Board, Search, Seizure 
VCD – Video CD
VCIED – vehicle-concealed IED (stationary & remote-controlled)
VCP – vehicle control point 
VETCAP – Veterinarian Civilian Assistance Program 
Vetted – A back ground investigation had been completed to ensure no Human Rights violations or other negatives 
VFR – Visual Flight Rule 
VHF – Very High Frequency
VIC - Vicinity
VIOP – Voice Over Internet Protocol
VOB – visitor operations bureau
VSI – very serious injury
VTC – Video Teleconference
VUL – vulnerability
W – West
WAC – weapons authorization …
WAN – Wide Area Network
WARNO – warning order
WD – White Devil 
WED, Wed – Wednesday
WFP – World Food Program 
WG – Working Group
White Forces – Iraqi Civilians (Neutral)
WIA - wounded in action
WILCO – will comply
WIS – Weapons Intelligence Section (GBR)
WMD – weapons of mass destruction
WO – Warrant Officer
WOT – War on Terror 
WPNS - Weapons
WSS – Weapons Surveillance System
WTEM – Weather, Terrain and Environmental Monitoring
WTPS – Water Treatment Plants 
WV – World Vision 
X, x – times (ex:  7x WIA)
XO – Executive Officer
YEM – Yemen (country code)


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