1st Cavalry  Division Association Updates
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
July 27, 2006





If you missed the 59th Annual Reunion in Louisville, you missed a good one.  We had a total of 996 people attend the reunion with 605 of them members of the Association.  We had 224 Troopers who were attending their first Association reunion.  The 7th Cavalry had the largest turnout but the LRRP/Rangers had the highest percentage of members attending this year.  As usual, the Vietnam War veterans were the largest war era group and the Gulf War veterans were pretty thin with only two members in attendance.  If we are going to keep this Association going we have to get the Gulf War Veterans and the Troopers who served at Fort Hood, Bosnia, and now in Iraq involved in the Association.  We took 22 active duty Troopers to the reunion this year.  Twenty were from Fort Hood and two were from Fort Bliss.  Despite the long bus ride from Fort Hood all of them seemed to enjoy themselves and helped to make this reunion a great success.  Our major issue of concern was parking and many First Team Troopers are no longer fond of the Pontiac GTO.  There was a GTO Car Group coming in that caused the hotel to block off most of the available parking for them to park their vehicles.  Since most of them didn’t show up until late Wednesday that caused much concern and a few of our vehicles were moved by the hotel to other locations in the parking lot.  Every reunion is remembered for something and this one will be remembered for GTO’s and no parking.  This reunion might also be remembered for the performance of the Thoroughbred Chorus at the banquet on Wednesday evening.  Information on them is available at http://www.thoroughbredchorus.com/v2/pages/home.php.  Please don’t get spoiled because we can’t afford that level of entertainment.  They donated their time and talent and really put on an excellent show.  Ken Slye, who lives in Louisville, was once a part of their group and we can all say thanks to Ken for getting them to perform for us.  MG Fil was unable to attend but CSM Phil Johndrow made it to Louisville and did a great job presenting the State of the Division speech at the banquet. 

The Riverside CVB and the Marriott Hotel in Riverside, California were at the reunion in Louisville and were letting Troopers reserve rooms at the Marriott for next year’s reunion.  All but 40 rooms of our block were reserved and the hotel only has 100 rooms left in the hotel.  We also contracted with the Mission Inn, located only a short walk from the Marriott and the Convention Center for rooms and there are other hotels within driving distance that are still available.  I’ll be posting information on the 2007 Reunion on the web page, http://www.1cda.org/, in the next couple of weeks that will provide the reservation number for all the hotels.  Based on the number of rooms that we had reserved during this year’s reunion I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to reserve your room for 2007.  I believe that there will be a good turnout and the City of Riverside is ready to become “Cav Country”.

The General Membership approved a change to our Constitution and By-Laws which added the 1st Cavalry Division Association Museum Foundation and placed its Executive Trustee on the Executive Committee and as a voting member of the Board of Governors.  This mirrors what has been the case for the Scholarship Foundation and ensures that the Museum Foundation will have a voting voice on the Board of Governors in the future.  I will put the minutes of the General Membership meeting in the July/August SABER that will be out later than usual due to the reunion.  If you don’t receive SABER it isn’t too late to subscribe.  You can also contact me for a copy of the minutes once they are completed.

You can visit http://www.1cda.org/Leadership.htm to see the list of elected and appointed leaders of your Association.  Our new President, William J. “Bill” Richardson, Jr. will be appointing two members to fill the positions on the Board of Governors vacated by Jerry Eller and Bob Tagge.  Jerry was elected as the 3rd Vice President and Bob is the Executive Trustee of the Museum Foundation.  Both remain on the Board in their new positions but their place as part of the 20 members of the Board has to be filled.  Leaving the Board of Governors this year were Jim Brigham, 7th CAV in Vietnam, and Jimmy Marks, 61st FA in Japan and Korea.  Both served the Association well and will be missed on the Board of Governors.  They were replaced my new Board members Clifford Boxley, 9th CAV at Fort Hood, and former Association President, William A. Richardson, 7th CAV in World War II.

One of our Chapter Presidents, Chuck Dougherty Columbia-Willamette Chapter, recommended that the Association establish a web page on our site for each chapter.  I will be setting up a template and posting information and a couple of photos for each of our chapters on the Association web page as time permits.  Once set up, I will update these monthly as needed.  This will provide each chapter with its own page on the Association web page and will provide links to a chapter web page if they have one.  Since not all of our chapters have their own web page this proposal gets them on the web.  I won’t be adding this link to the web page until I get more of the pages done but if you want to see what we have planned you can visit http://www.1cda.org/chapters.htm.

Today the First Team welcomed the new Assistant Division Commander for Support, BG Vincent Brooks, in a ceremony on Cooper Field.  BG Brooks previously served on the Division staff, in the 2-5th Cavalry and in the 1st “Ironhorse” Brigade.  He replaces BG William Troy who departed last month to an assignment in I Corps at Fort Lewis.  BG Troy was the Division Representative on our Board of Governors and BG Brooks will replace him in that position.  I think he’ll manage to miss our next meeting since he’ll likely be in Iraq and February is probably too soon for him to be back on R&R.

Because we had Reunion this month we are behind the power curve on the July/August SABER.  Lorinda and I are trying to get everything put together to send to the printer.

If you have tried to visit the Crosses Sabers Souvenir Shop on-line catalog, you know that it is currently inoperable.  We had a SNAFU and it has taken longer to fix than either Rebecca or I anticipated.

That’s enough for this update. 

First Team!



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