1st Cavalry  Division Association Updates
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
December 6, 2006




I hope that each of you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that your plans for the upcoming holidays are progressing and that you have completed any Christmas shopping requirements. 

Much has happened since my last update of 6 November but Iíll try to keep this update concise.

The turn-out in Washington, DC for Veterans Day wasnít as large as last year but we had a lively bunch that visited the Hospitality Suite and I think everyone had a good time.  We had a SNAFU with the shipment of the LZ Souvenir Shop and one of our two boxes didnít make it to us.  Bob Tredway did his best to find the missing box and we greatly appreciate him and his wifeís assistance in trying to get things squared away.  There was a large crowd in the vicinity of the War Memorials and the Division Honor Guard and our 1st CAV Patch Wreaths were a major photo opportunity for many visiting the Memorials on that special day.

The 1st Cavalry Division took over the reigns in Baghdad on 15 November from the 4th Infantry Division.  The Divisionís Colors were uncased and the Division took the control of Multi-National Division Ė Baghdad.  Two of our Brigade Combat Teams, 3rd BCT and the 4th BCT, are not working with the Division and are presently attached to the 25th Infantry Division.  The 2nd BCT of the 2nd Infantry Division, the 2nd BCT of the 10th Mountain Division and the 4th BCT of the 25th Infantry Division are all presently attached to the 1st Cavalry Division.  This may not make sense to many of our Association members and Iím not sure that I totally agree with the ďplug and playĒ concept but it is very similar to past attachments to tailor a force to fit the mission.  

Unfortunately, we had several more Troopers that have died in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We presently have 12 Troopers that were assigned or attached to the First Team that have died during this deployment.  The names and units of all of our casualties are listed on the Association web page and a direct link to that site is http://www.1cda.org/fallen_troopers.htm.  Three of the casualties were attached from the 4th Infantry Division and the rest are from assigned Divisional units.  Two of the deaths were not related to combat actions.  All of the other deaths were caused by improvised explosive devices being detonated near the Troopers or their vehicles.  I update the web page with the names of our casualties as soon as possible after the DoD releases the information.  Their names will be added to the Division Memorial at Fort Hood at a later date.

The Division holds monthly Memorial Services, last month and this month held jointly with the 4th Infantry Division, to remember the Troopers that have died.  Of course, units that are deployed also hold Memorial Services in Iraq.  They will also hold monthly Purple Heart Award Ceremonies recognizing those that were wounded in combat.  The DoD does not release the names or injuries of wounded Troopers to the media. 

On 1 December, the DoD POW/Missing Personnel Office announced that the remains of eight U.S. servicemen, missing in action from the Korean War had been identified and returned to their families for burial with full military honors.  The Troopers were identified as MSG Alfred H. Alonzo, Sr. of Tampa, Florida; SFC Robert C. Bucheit of Hamilton, Ohio; SGT Francis E. Lindsay of Esther, Missouri; CPL Joseph Gregori of West Pittston, Pennsylvania; CPL Darrell W. Scarbrough of Fayetteville, West Virginia; CPL Homer L. Sisk of Ducor, California, CPL Charles E. Sizemore of Rushville, Indiana; and CPL William E. Wood of Moorhead, Minnesota.  They were assigned to the U.S. 8th Cavalry Regiment and attached units of the 1st Cavalry Division, when their unit came under attack by Chinese forces near Unsan, North Korea on the night of November 1-2, 1950.  During the battle, these eight and nearly 400 others from the 8th Cavalry Regiment were declared missing or killed in action.

The 1st Cavalry Division Museum has partnered with ShopforMuseums.com, a national museum fundraising program where you can shop with over 300 of your favorite online stores and at no extra cost to you, have a percentage of your purchase amount donated to the 1st Cavalry Division Museum Foundation!  The 1st Cavalry Division Museum Foundation will use this donation to support the 1st Cavalry Division Museum and to build a new museum building.  To learn more about this program visit the link to our information page.  To sign up and start shopping visit ShopforMuseums.com.   If you shop on-line please help us by using this service. 

We still do not have a complete list of unit POCs from the units in Iraq for our Trooper Support Program.  We do have POCs and APO addresses for the following units: HHC 1 BCT, 1 BCT Special Troops Battalion (STB), 2 BCT STB, 2-5 CAV, 1-7 CAV, 1-8, 2-8 CAV, 1-12 CAV, 1-82 FA, 115 Brigade Support Battalion, 15th Sustainment Brigade, 1-37 FA (attached) and 393rd Corps Support Battalion (attached).  If you need their names and addresses please contact me and Iíll send them to you.  Information on our Trooper Support Program is available at http://www.1cda.org/TSP.htm.

Please keep the Troopers of the First Team and their families in your prayers.

Merry Christmas and First Team!



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