1st Cavalry  Division Association Updates
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
December 21, 2006



This will be the last 1st Cavalry Division Association Update of 2006.  Lorinda, Martha and I wish every 1st Cavalry Division Association member and their family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Today I was privileged to accompany the Rear Detachment Commander and Sergeant Major, COL Larry Phelps and SGM William Wallace on a visit to Brooke Army Medical Center to visit wounded Troopers.  We visited with several Troopers that were either assigned or attached to the Division and several that were not.  We also were able to visit with several of their family members that were there with their Trooper.  The liaison NCO that the Division has at BAMC is great.  SSG Timothy Fletcher not only provides information to the command, he works hard to ensure that the wounded Troopers and their attending families are cared for and have all of their needs meant.  Not every Division sends NCOs to do this but the First Team is doing a great job taking care of our wounded.

We received our first Reunion Registrations already.  Information was in the November/December SABER and our first registration forms came from John Rike of Haskell, Texas (1-21 FA and 1-9 CAV) and Phil Kingsbury of Denver, Colorado (2-8 CAV).  Both registration forms came in on 14 December.  We hope that more of our members register early.  It really helps me to coordinate and plan the details of the reunion which makes it better for everyone attending the reunions.  We did leave an event off of registration page, the Wine & Cheese Reception, which will be fixed in the next issue and is available on-line at http://www.1cda.org/Reunion_Registration_PDF.pdf The Wine and Cheese Reception is limited to 500 attendees and the cost is $15 per ticket.  We will dedicate a Plaque at the Riverside National Cemetery and then go to March AFB Museum for the reception.  Information on the reunion will continue to run in SABER and is available on-line at Link is no longer available.  If you havenít been to a reunion before or it has been a while come to this one and help us make Riverside, California CAV COUNTRY!

This time of year is known as a time of giving but giving and providing support isnít a once a year event for the members of the 1st Cavalry Division Association or the community.  Several of our Chapters and individual members are doing great things to support the First Team Troopers deployed in Iraq and their families back home in the United States.  These Chapters, groups and individuals are doing what they can to show their support for the Troopers that are currently serving.  As veterans, they understand the importance of knowing that the citizens of the country support you during war.  Iím sure that their efforts are appreciated by the Troopers and families that receive the support and we want them, and the others not mentioned here, to know how much their actions are appreciated by the Officers of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.  I would like to provide a few examples of what they are doing below:

    The Walter H. Westman Northland Chapter, located in Minnesota, has been providing support for families of Minnesota National Guard Soldiers that are in Iraq.  They raised over $9,000 to provide support for families of deployed Soldiers in Minnesota.  Bob Hathaway, Chapter President, was quoted in a newspaper article as saying, ďThe family members back here are left dealing with a reduced income.  If they run into trouble Ė a car breakdown can upset a budget, home repairs can upset a budget Ė we can help.Ē  There are over 3,500 Minnesota Army National Guard members deployed.Ē   

    The 5th Cavalry Association has purchased 57 Commissary Gift Certificates and 54 phone cards to support families and Troopers.  They have sent the commissary gift cards to me to distribute to the 1-5th and 2-5th CAV Family Readiness Groups to help families and are mailing the calling cards to a Chaplain in Iraq to distribute to 5th CAV Troopers.  The cost for all of this exceeds $3,000. 

    The Sheridanís Cavalry Chapter, located in the Chicago area, has been shipping boxes to five different 1st Cavalry Division units in Iraq.  They have been shipping items since the last deployment of the First Team and have not stopped.  When the First Team departed last time they continued to send items to the units that replaced them and now that the First Team has returned they are again shipping items to First Team Troopers.

    The Florida Chapter purchased $300 worth of Commissary Gift Certificates for needy families across the Division.  Money was donated by several of the Troops across the state and the Certificates mailed to the National Headquarters for me to distribute to the Division.  They have also been sending packages to the Troopers deployed in Iraq.

    The New York/New Jersey Chapter shipped over 2,000 pounds of Christmas gifts to units in Iraq and Afghanistan and is in the process of sending more.

    The forming Fort Knox Chapter that hosted our 2006 Reunion had members attend the funeral of one of our Cav Troopers, PFC Theodore West, who was buried in Kentucky. 

    The Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce sold over 1,200 Cavalry Wreaths to raise money to support the Division.  They helped sponsor the Fall Fest for the families, supported the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Fort Hood, and mailed packages to the Division Special Troops Battalion.  The other local communities are also providing support to the families and the deployed Troopers.

    I have been contacted by several individual members that are sending packages or have schools that are sending phone cards.  One member is mailing packages to at least five different organizations.  I am sure that there are many other individual members providing support to other deployed Troopers.

If you want to know some of what is going on in Iraq, please visit the Divisionís web page at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/.  Read the Daily Charge or Crossed Sabers or watch the video presentations from the Division PAO on Cav Country.  Additionally, you can see what is going on with the Divisionís Rear Detachment and see how well they are trying to care for the families.  There are some great stories and excellent photos on these pages for you to read and see.

Over 28,000 calendars have been mailed out to every Association member that we have a good address for in our database.  Unfortunately, we will also get many returns from the U.S. Postal Service because members moved and did not provide us with address changes.  The calendars are provided as a membership benefit to every Association member.  We also include in the calendar information on the reunion for that year.  We donít charge for the calendar but we do accept donations to help with the costs of printing and mailing the calendars to every member.  Donations for the calendar are not tax-deductible but are greatly appreciated. 

The 1st Cavalry Divisionís Horse Cavalry Detachment will be in the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California on New Years Day.  If you canít make it there for the parade you can watch for them on television.  The Rose Parade will be broadcast on ABC, NBC, Univision, HGTV, Travel Channel and Discovery HD.  You may get your best view of the Detachment by watching Home and Garden TV (HGTV).  They have provided more coverage of the Horse Detachment in the past two parade broadcasts.  To see a complete list of the participants in the parade visit http://www.tournamentofroses.com/roseparade/participants.asp, the Horse Detachment is in the Equestrian Section.

We have had a total of 34 Troopers that have died during this deployment to Iraq with 20 of them assigned to Divisional units and 14 that were in units that were attached to the 1st Cavalry Division.  The list of names and units is located at http://www.1cda.org/fallen_troopers.htm

We got a couple of more unit POCs and APO addresses since my last update.  We have POCs for the following units: HHC 1 BCT, 1 BCT Special Troops Battalion (STB), 2 BCT STB, 1-5 CAV, 2-5 CAV, 1-7 CAV, 1-8 CAV, 2-8 CAV, 1-12 CAV, 1-82 FA, 115 Brigade Support Battalion, 15th Sustainment Brigade, 1-37 FA (attached) and 393rd Corps Support Battalion (attached).  If you need their names and addresses please contact me and Iíll send them to you.  Information on our Trooper Support Program is available at http://www.1cda.org/TSP.htm.

Please keep the Troopers and families of the 1st Cavalry Division in your thoughts and prayers and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

First Team!



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