1st Cavalry  Division Association Updates
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
April 4, 2007




I have lots of information to put out in this update.  I apologize if this is too long. 

The 1st Cavalry Division Association Museum Foundation has started a Brick & Paver Campaign to raise funds to build a new 1st Cavalry Division Museum.  As many of you know, the present museum is in an old wooden building at Fort Hood.  While the building is well maintained and fire suppression systems have been added, there is no room to expand the exhibit space that tells the story of the First Team.  A new museum building is needed to provide Steve Draper and his staff that capability.  The details of the program and an order form are available on our web page at http://www.1cda.org/Brick&Paver.htm.  Costs for the 4 X 8” bricks are $100 donation, and the pavers in three sizes, 8” X 8”, 12” X 12”, 24” x 24”, are $200, $450 and $1,200. 

The 1st Cavalry Division Association has partnered with YTB Affinity Travel to provide our members with a web based travel program that is similar to other on-line travel programs advertised nationally.  However, when you book a flight or reserve a car on one of those web sites, that company makes a commission off of your business.  When you book your flight, reserve your car, or schedule a cruise on our site http://www.ytbtravel.com/firstcav a portion of that commission is paid to the Association to support the programs of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.  This is a great way to help the Association and take advantage of great deals on airfare, hotels, rental cars, vacations, and other travel services at no additional cost to you.  You can go directly to the travel web page or visit the 1st Cavalry Division Association’s web page at http://www.1cda.org and click on the link to Cav Travel Program.  Once at that site, you can book travel arrangements at the same prices or better than you get at comparative sites and you will be helping an organization that you believe in, our Association.  You may wish to book your travel to the Reunion or to DC for Veterans Day using this program.  If you use this program, please let me know what you think.

Activities for the annual gathering in Washington, DC have been coordinated for Veterans Day 2007 by the Association’s All The Way Chapter assisted greatly by Tracy Black Enders.  This is the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial and a large crowd of Veterans is expected to be in DC to commemorate this event.  The Association will host a Hospitality Suite at the Hyatt Arlington from 9-12 November 2007 in conjunction with the Brotherhood of the Pleiku Campaign gathering.  A small LZ Souvenir Shop from the Crossed Sabers Souvenir Shop will be set up and available for Troopers to purchase Cav items during this period.   The Hospitality Room is scheduled to open on the afternoon of 9 November.   The Brotherhood of the Pleiku is coordinating a banquet and details of that banquet will be added to the information already available on http://www.1cda.org/VeteransDay_2007.htm as soon as they are confirmed and available to me.  The Hyatt Arlington is located at 1325 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia.  Call the hotel directly at (703) 525-1234 and give them the rate code "PLEIKU CAMPAIGN" to reserve your room at the rate of $99 per night plus tax.  Parking at the hotel is normally $23 per day but a special rate of $10 per day has been arranged for those staying at the hotel.  Reserve your rooms early, only 100 rooms have been blocked by the group coordinating this effort.  I am coordinating with Division to get the Division Honor Guard to participate in placing wreaths at the World War II and Korean War Memorials and in the ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial.

Coordination is continuing and we are starting to see a rise in the numbers registering for the 60th Annual Reunion in Riverside, California from 11-15 July, 2007.  The Riverside Marriott is currently filled up and the number of available rooms at the Mission Inn is getting smaller.  Please make your hotel reservations with the hotel and send your Reunion Registration forms to the Association.  It really helps me to coordinate the reunion better to know how many people are coming.  We hope to see you in Riverside.  Information and a registration forms are available at Link is no longer available

The Indiana-Ohio Center for Traumatic Amputation Rehabilitation and Research is conducting a study to assist the amputees of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan by looking at the history of Vietnam Veterans that suffered a traumatic amputation.  They hope to garner the experience of the Vietnam Veterans to help the amputees from the current war and future wars deal with their injuries.  Indiana University and The Ohio State University are collaborating on this study that is funded by a grant from the Department of Defense.  If you are an amputee or know an amputee from the Vietnam War they are asking amputees to register and participate in this study.  Information on the study is available at https://www.vietnamwaramputee.org/.

During the last deployment our Division’s Rear Detachment did an excellent job and the current Rear Detachment is doing an even better job caring for our Troopers and their families.  Below are just a few of the things that they are doing.

The Department of Defense has, as of this writing, released the names of 81 First Team Troopers that have died in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Additionally, they have released the names of 86 Soldiers that were attached and 14 Soldiers that were under the Operational or Tactical Control of the Division.  We have the names and units of all 181 of these Troopers listed on our web page at http://www.1cda.org/fallen_troopers.htm.  I update this list after the names of the Troopers are released by the DoD and I confirm there unit of assignment with the Division. 

I will be heading out later this month to do site visits to locations that are bidding to host our 2010 Reunion.  We vote where to hold the 2010 Reunion during the General Membership meeting during the 2007 reunion.

First Team!


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