1st Cavalry  Division Association Update
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
May 23, 2007



Some great supporters in Dallas have come through for the second year in a row.  The Finance Forum of Dallas held their Annual Charity Golf Tournament on 18 April to raise funds for the Foundation of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.  They did the same thing last year and donated $14,550.  This yearís tournament was even better and they presented us a check for $19,000 at the awards dinner that night.  They expect that the final total will be over that amount once all the bills are paid and the books are cleared.  I was able to take two of our active duty Troopers with me and they are prominently displayed with the golfers on the Finance Forumís web page at http://www.thefinanceforum.com/Chapter_Dallas/Events/2007-Golf_Sponsors.htm.  We are very grateful to the fine members of the Finance Forum for their support of the Foundation and the Troopers of the First Team and their families.

The 1st Cavalry Division Association member and Museum Foundation Executive Trustee Bob Tagge helped to coordinate a trip for 125 teens of deployed First Team Troopers to attend a baseball game in Round Rock, Texas on 12 May.   Bob lives in Round Rock and went to the City Council and asked them to sponsor the Divisionís Teen Family Readiness Group.  The City of Round Rock and the Round Rock Express provided 125 tickets to the ball game for free.  The Division then coordinated transportation and a night at the ballpark to watch a AAA Minor League ballgame between the Round Rock Express and the Portland Beavers was a reality.  The Express won the game, 6-0.  Bob is responsible for our Trooper Support Program and this is one of many examples of the local communities in this part of Texas taking care of the Troopers and their families.  We have lots of support for the Troopers and their families in the Central Texas area and throughout the nation.  Many of our Chapters and individual members continue to provide care packages and other support. 

I have visited two of the proposed sites for the 2010 reunion and the other two are at locations that we have been to in the last few years.  I donít think it is necessary to visit those sites again.  We will select the 2010 reunion site at the general membership meeting at this yearís reunion in Riverside, California.  The four cities that we are considering are: Greensboro, North Carolina; Bloomington, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The 2010 reunion site will be selected at the General Membership meeting of the Association at the reunion in Riverside, California.  You must be present at the General Membership meeting to vote.

The number of Troopers signing up to attend the Reunion is down from previous years.  Iím sure that some of it is distance for those that live in the Eastern United States and I suppose that fuel costs have also had a negative impact.  Regardless, we will have a reunion and all that attend will have a great time.  We hope that if you have signed up that you will continue to come and if you havenít registered yet that you will send that in soon.  The Marriott is full but rooms are still available at the Mission Inn.  Call (800) 843-7755 to reserve your room.

Reunions are important and were one of the main reasons that this Association was formed by the Troopers serving in the Admiralty Islands during World War II.  They wanted to see each other again after the war and many of them have done this again and again over the past 60 years.  We owe our Charter members a great debt of gratitude for having the foresight to form the Association and for making it an inclusive organization that welcomed each successive group of First Team Veterans into the fold.

Memorial Day is coming up fast and I hope that you plan on attending a ceremony or visiting a cemetery to honor those who gave their life in defense of our country.  Memorial Day is actually 30 May but is observed on the last Monday in May, which falls on the 28th this year.  We have posted the Memorial Day Message from MG Joe Fil on the Association web page at http://www.1cda.org/memorial_day_message.htm and you can view the CGís message by visiting the Divisionís web page at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/ and clicking on the link.  Please remember to fly the Flag at half-staff until noon and then to raise it to full-staff.  Visit http://www.usmemorialday.org/backgrnd.html to read some of the history of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is always moving but with the Division in Iraq, this year is especially poignant.  As of this writing, we have had 260 Troopers that were assigned, attached or under the operational control of the 1st Cavalry Division die while serving in Iraq.  Of that number, 108 were assigned to the Division. Please keep the families of all that have suffered the loss of a loved one while serving in combat in your prayers.  http://www.1cda.org/fallen_troopers.htm

I want to thank the columnists that write articles for SABER for their efforts and dedication.  It isnít easy to write a column with little feedback from those that read it.  Their columns depend on stories and information from the members of their unit.  Many of you have some excellent stories and memories that could be shared.  Send a note or e-mail to your unit columnist with something to include in the next issue of SABER.  The May/June issue of SABER is now at the printer and the labels for mailing were shipped to them yesterday.  I expect that it will be printed and in the mail by early next week.  We have had some issues with the scanners at the Post Office reading the return address for the Association instead of the mailing labels that are attached to the paper.  This creates a delay in some of you getting your paper.  We have tried to remedy that problem by shifting our return address up and to the left and asking the shipper to ensure that the labels are positioned better. 

I hope to see you in Riverside for our 60th Annual Reunion!


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