1st Cavalry  Division Association Update
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
November 21, 2007



Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Martha, Lorinda and I hope that all of you are able to celebrate this holiday with family.  The deployed Troopers of the First Team will spend this holiday with their First Team family and we pray for their safety and swift return home.  Please view the Thanksgiving Day message from MG Joseph Fil.  If the link provided doesn’t work, the message is available on the Division web page http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/.

I hope that you all were able to celebrate and honor the Veterans of our nation this past Sunday, November 11.  Attending Veterans Day activities in Washington, DC is part of my job at the Association but it is an honor and pleasurable experience and really isn’t work at all.  This was the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial (the Wall) and there was a very large crowd in attendance for the parade on Saturday and ceremony on Veterans Day.  The Association placed wreaths at the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial to honor all who have served.  I want to thank Garry Bowles and the All The Way Chapter for setting things up and for hosting the banquet on 10 November.  GEN (Ret) Edward ‘Shy’ Meyer was the speaker and a special guest, LTG (Ret) Harry Kinnard was there as well.  The 1st Cavalry Division Honor Guard was there to assist and participated, as they do every year, during the ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial by standing proudly on the Wall during the ceremony, which this year ran for one hour and twenty minutes.  The Military District of Washington has a combined service Honor Guard that posts the Colors and stays for the National Anthem and Pledge and then leaves.  At that time, our Honor Guard and the 82nd Airborne Division Honor Guard move forward and stand for the rest of the ceremony. 

We have had several ceremonies on Cooper Field to welcome home the Troopers of the First Team from Iraq and several more are planned.  Over 200 Troopers returned at around 0130 hours this morning, just in time for Thanksgiving.  While I send out e-mail messages on ceremony times to some of our local members and friends of the Division, the Division Web page, http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/index.htm, has updated information on the planned ceremony times so you can keep track of who is coming home and when.  Just click on the button marked Returning Heroes Information.  If any of you are interested in attending a Welcome Home ceremony the times are posted on the web page.  There is no reserved seating and the ceremonies are very short but are well done. 

Last week I attended a Memorial Service for 4 Troopers that died while serving with the First Team in Iraq.  Troopers assigned to Fort Bliss and Soldiers that are attached are memorialized at their home locations and by the units in Iraq.  The four Troopers memorialized were:

SSG Donnie D. Dixon, HHC 3rd Brigade Combat Team
SSG Donald L. Munn, II, HHC 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion
SPC Vincent A. Madero, HHB, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery
CPL Adam J. Chitijian, E Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry

A complete list of the 470 Troopers assigned and attached to the Division that died in Iraq is located at http://www.1cda.org/fallen_troopers.htm.  I have added the lists of our Honored Dead from other wars on that web page.  You are invited to visit the web page and view the names of these heroes.  Many of these lists are long and may take some time to load on your computer.  If you notice any omissions or mistakes on these lists please let me know.  I am attempting to obtain the names of the Troopers that were killed patrolling along the DMZ in Korea to add to this list.  Not much information is available on this and if any of you know of a source for this information I would appreciate you sharing it with me. 

The 2008 Calendar is at the printer and will be mailed out so that you will have them in your possession before 2008 arrives.  These are a part of your membership benefits but we appreciate any and all donations that we receive to help off-set the costs of producing and mailing out calendars to 28,000 members.  We also hope that you will subscribe to SABER.  We hope that you enjoy the calendar and will consider subscribing to SABER or renewing your subscription.

Information on the 2008 Reunion will be in the November/December SABER and published on the web page soon.  Plan now to attend the 61st Annual Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida 18-22 June, 2008. 

First Team!


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