1st Cavalry  Division Association Update
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
April 29, 2008



Changes of command for the 1st Cavalry Division are finally complete.  Todayís Division Change of Command wrapped up over a month of changes that saw every commander from battalion through brigade to the division change.  I know that the Troopers in the First Team Band are happy to have this month behind them.  The Band, Honor Guard and the Horse Cavalry Detachment were key parts of every ceremony and they really did a great job on every one of them.  There is nothing better than a Cav ceremony on Cooper Field!

MG Daniel P. Bolger took command of the First Team in a ceremony conducted at 1000 hours on Cooper Field.  BG Vincent K. Brooks, who was the interim commander of the Division, has been reassigned to III Corps as a special assistant to the Corps Commander.  We wish he and Carol all the best.  Once Cav, always Cav Sir!  MG Bolger was honored by the Army leadership with the opportunity to command the Armyís only Cavalry Division and he appears to be an excellent leader and excellent choice to command the First Team.  He has already filled out his membership application and I will brief him on the Association in the next few days.  He has quite a busy schedule getting settled in and we are proud to welcome him and his wife Joy to Fort Hood and the First Team.  Its time to hit the leather and ride!  A short bio of MG Bolger is available at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/about/cg/cgbio.htm.

CSM Phil Johndrow said his goodbyes to the First Team in a Patch Ceremony on 18 April that recognized his departure and the arrival of BG Frederick Rudesheim, the new Assistant Division Commander for Support.  The name of the next Division CSM has not been announced.  The position is being currently filled by the 3rd BCT CSM, Donald Felt.

The command of the 2nd Brigade (COL Bryan Roberts to COL Ryan Gonsalves) and all of its subordinate units: 4-9 CAV (LTC Patrick Matlock to LTC Thomas Shoffner); 1-5 CAV (LTC Dale Kuehl to LTC Scott Jackson); 1-8 CAV (LTC Jeffrey Sauer to LTC David A. Lesperance); 3-82 FA (LTC Michael Tarsa to LTC Terry Cook); 2 BSTB (KTC Kenneth Crawford to LTC Edward Repetski) and 15 BSB (LTC Jeff Vieira to LTC Christopher Whittaker) all changed on 8 April.  Additionally, CSM Fidel Gomez was replaced by CSM Ronnie Kelley in 1-5 CAV and the 1-8 CAV Sergeant Major CSM Eddie Gilbert was replaced by CSM Rob French.

Good news for a former CG of the First Team.  LTG Peter Chiarelli, who commanded the Division during OIF II, has been nominated for promotion to General and assignment as the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.  The Senate must confirm his promotion and assignment.

The 1st Brigade also changed command on 25 April.  COL Paul Funk was replaced by COL Tobin Green who was previously the Division G-3.  Additionally, the commanders of 1-7 CAV (LTC Kevin MacWatters to LTC Charles Costanza) ; 2-5 CAV (LTC Kurt Pinkerton to LTC Timothy Karcher) ; 2-8 CAV (LTC Scott Efflandt to LTC Mark Solomon); 1-82 FA LTC Martin Clausen to LTC Eric Schwegler) ; 1BSTB (LTC Michael Dillard to LTC Mariz Zumwalt); and 15 BSB (LTC Tyler Osenbaugh to LTC Gregory Holmes) also changed.  CSM Stanley Small is retiring and was replaced in the 1st Brigade by CSM James Norman.  CSM Michael Giles was also replaced in 1-82 FA by CSM Steven Brown.

The Memorial rededication ceremony honoring the Troopers that died during our most recent deployment is scheduled for 16 May.  The ceremony will be conducted at 1000 hours and LTG Joe Fil will be returning from Korea to participate in that ceremony.  The Museum Foundation was able to fund the addition of names and other work required without doing any additional fund raising because we did so well on the last fund raising drive.  That being said, we will need to raise additional funds to make any additions to the Memorial at the end of the Divisionís next deployment.  Mr. Joe Phipps from Phipps Memorial in Waco was responsible for the construction of the Memorial and gave us a substantial donation by engraving 169 of the names for free.  Mr. Phipps and his team at Phipps Memorial are great supporters of the Division and a pleasure to work with.  A story on the placement of the names of the fallen is on the 1st Cavalry Division web page at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/news/2008/apr/apr23.htm.  I will report on the 16 May ceremony in the next update.

If you havenít registered with us for reunion do it now.  The registration fee goes up on 15 May so save yourself a couple of bucks and register early!  We currently have 280 Association members and 217 of their guests for a total of 497 people registered to attend the reunion and that number will be going up.  Rooms are also filling up at the Hyatt so if you need a room, donít wait!  Information on the reunion and forms to register are available on the web page at http://www.1cda.org/61st_Reunion.htm

Active Escapes has extended the deadline to sign up for tours at reunion through 15 May.  If you havenít signed up, do it now to reserve a seat.  It appears that the St. Johnís Dinner Cruise on Wednesday and tour to St. Augustine on Thursday will go as scheduled but we donít know about the Jacksonville and Anheuser-Busch tour on Wednesday yet.  

If you are flying into Jacksonville for the reunion and need a ride to the Hyatt coordinate for transportation with A-Team Taxi and save some money.   We have been able to coordinate a special price that will help you save money over a regular cab ride or using the other Airport Shuttles.  Please contact A-Team Taxi to make reservations for your arrival and departure.  Individuals will pay $25 and those in groups of two or more will pay $12 per person for a one-way fare.  Contact them via telephone at (904) 443-7100, fax at (904) 443-7705 or e-mail at info@ateamtaxiservice.com or swill50077@yahoo.com to schedule pickup at the airport and your departure from the Hyatt.  You will need to provide your name, the number of people, airline and flight information including your arrival and departure.  They will contact you and confirm receipt of your request.  You may pay using cash or credit card.  They do not accept debit cards or checks. 

We have had a good number of new members join the Association, mostly from the 1st Brigade Combat Team and most of them from the 2-8th Cavalry.  Iím not sure what they are putting in the water in 2-8 but I would like to get that pumped over to the other units!  The newly reflagged 4th Brigade Combat Team is also having good success getting new members to join and we appreciate it.   We welcome all of our new members and hope that many more of our active duty Troopers and our First Team Veterans join this great Association.

Not only is our membership going up so is retention in the Division.  The 2-82nd Field Artillery was the first battalion in the Division to attain its retention mission for FY 2008.  FY 2008 ends on 30 September.  Read the story on the 1st Cavalry Division web page at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/news/2008/apr/apr24.htm One day after 2-82 FA met mission the 6-9th Cavalry for met its mission.  Good leadership and good units retain good Soldiers!  Iím sure that the rest of the First Team will be achieving mission early as well.  The First Team led Forces Command in retention last year and is on its way to another great year.

That is enough for now!  As my Artillery brothers would say, rounds complete!


First Team!



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