1st Cavalry  Division Association Update
Dennis Webster, Executive Director
July 7, 2008



The 61st Annual Reunion of the 1st Cavalry Division Association is in the books and I believe that most of those attending had a great time.  If they did not enjoy themselves it was likely their own fault.  We had a total of 842 attendees at the reunion in Jacksonville this year with 485 of that number being members of the Association.  The names of the attendees will be listed in the July/August issue of SABER and we hope to have several pictures of the reunion included in that issue.  We sold 620 tickets to the banquet and our new CG, MG Dan Bolger, gave an excellent presentation to the assembled Troopers.  The vast majority of those in attendance were veterans of the Vietnam War and the largest turnout we had was from the 7th Cavalry Regiment.  Their numbers may have been up due to the attendance of the 7th Cavalry Korean War Veterans which have previously held separate reunions but attended our reunion this year.  We hope they had a good time.  The Florida Chapter did an excellent job of identifying a top quality hotel (Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel) and the Chapter members made my job much easier by assisting in every aspect of the reunion. 

One of the things done at reunions includes the changeover of the President of the Association at the end of the banquet.  William J. “Bill” Richardson, Jr. ended his two year term as the President and passed on the responsibility to James W. “Pete” Booth.  Bill Richardson did a great job as our President and it was a pleasure working with him over the past two years.  I encourage the President to give all of the tough jobs to the Immediate Past President so he doesn’t have to work too hard.  That will keep me working with Bill over the next two years.  Bob Johnson will get to take a little break but he isn’t off the hook yet, there is more work to do for Bob.  Pete Booth has served on the Board of Governors and as a Vice President and is ready for the position of President.  Welcome and saddle up, Pete!

The Department of Defense announced on 25 June that the remains of a First Team Trooper missing in action from the Korean War had been identified and returned to his family.  SGT Gene F. Clark of Muncie, Indiana was buried in Muncie with full military honors on 28 June.  On 1 November1950 parts of two Chinese Communist divisions struck the 1st Cavalry Division lines, collapsing the perimeter and forcing a withdrawal.  SGT Clark was reported mission on 2 November and was one of the more than 350 servicemen unaccounted-for from the battle at Unsan.  SGT Clark was assigned to L Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry.  For additional information on this event, visit http://www.defenselink.mil/releases/release.aspx?releaseid=12013.

The DoD announced on 30 June the planned deployment of the 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) of the 1st Cavalry Division to Iraq in early 2009.  They will join the 4th BCT that is now in Iraq and the 3rd BCT that will be deploying later this year.  No announcements have been made for the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade or the Division Headquarters yet.

We have names and address for Points of Contact in the units of the 4th BCT in Iraq.  Contact me if you are interested in sending letters and packages to the Troopers and want the name and address for a unit.  You can mail them through our POCs and establish a direct link with a Trooper or group of Troopers.  General information is available at http://www.1cda.org/TSP.htm.  As a reminder the units currently deployed are: HHC 4th Brigade, 1-9th CAV, 2-7th CAV, 2-12th CAV, 5-82nd FA, 27th Brigade Support and the 4th Special Troops Battalion.

Visit the Division’s web page at http://www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/ to read stories on the deployment and training of the First Team.  There are stories on the arrival of the 4th BCT in Iraq and the training being conducted by the other units along with a couple of other stories that are just plain good.  Our Division Public Affairs Troopers do great work and that has been a trademark of the First Team for a long time.

We have had a few changes in the Brigade Command Sergeant Major arena since the Brigade Changes of Command were completed.  I will list all of our Brigade CSMs here to make sure you know who is where.  1st BCT – CSM James Norman, 2nd BCT – CSM Jeffery Hof, 3rd BCT – CSM James Pippin, 4th BCT – CSM Edwin Rodriguez and 1st Air Cavalry Brigade – CSM Glen Vela.  Every Brigade Commander and Brigade CSM has changed since the Division’s return from Iraq.  The Army is full of great leaders waiting to move up and that is one of the reasons I retired from the Army six years ago. 

The Board of Governors has me working on finding a hotel to block rooms for us for Veterans Day.  I will post information as soon as I have the dates, location and prices set on the Association web page and send information out in the next update.

We are working on the July/August issue of SABER and plan on having it to the printer by the 3rd week of July.  If you write an article for SABER and it isn’t in yet, send it to us today or tomorrow.  I hope to have the photos from reunion soon so we can add them on pages 12 and 13.  SABER will have an Engineer column.  This issue it is written by Scott Smith, who commanded the battalion in Vietnam and is now on our Board of Governors.  Jesse Crimm will be taking that job over in the coming issues and needs information from all of the Engineers to make this column work.  Support your unit columnist and send him some information.

There were only 8 applications for scholarships from our active duty Trooper’s families submitted by the required date of 1 July.  We will verify all information and announce the recipients later this month.

I hope that you all had a good 4th of July weekend.  I’ll get another update out later this month to keep you up to date on activities in the Association.  Visit our web page often for changes and updates.  New items or changes can be found at http://www.1cda.org/what's_new.htm.

First Team!



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