Vietnam 4th Squadron, 12th Cavalry



In memory of the men from the Fourth Squadron, 12th Cavalry

who gave their lives for their country during the Vietnam War

We honor them by remembering them

May they rest in peace


SSG Creep, Guy B. December 6, 1968 Troop A
SP4 Van Winkle Jr., Harold J. February 16, 1969 Troop A
SP5 Ryan, William D. March 1, 1969 Troop A
SP4 Coles, Leonard A. May 16, 1969 Troop A
SGT Jackson, John R. May 22, 1969 Troop A
PFC Stamm, Monte L. December 15, 1969 Troop A
SGT Hall, Alfred F. January 9, 1970 Troop A
PFC Tucker, Melvin E. October 11, 1970 Troop A
SGT Le Boeuf, Michael J. October 23, 1970 Troop A
PFC Potts, George H. June 2, 1971 Troop A
SP4 Farmer, Thomas F. June 8, 1971 Troop A
SSGT Pflaster, Gary L. June 12, 1971 Troop A
SP4 Bednar, Stephan A. July 15, 1971 Troop A

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