59th Annual 1st Cavalry Reunion - Louisville
After Action SitRep



Welcome Home 12th Cav Family.  What a great reunion in Louisville.  Good folks, good food and good time for all. Again our Regiment showed it's dedication to it brotherhood by  the many troopers and families who joined together at this gathering of warriors. Sylvia and I were most pleased to be part of it.

Again, thanks to our outgoing officers Jim Stokely and Charlie Bader for their dedicated efforts for us all.  Well done, faithful brothers.  Welcome our new team of Jay Snyder, President and Allen Lynch, Vice President as they are quality troopers and will lead us with confidence and concern for all. We are lucky to have Roger King and the Van Dams to continue their hard work. Always Prepared and ready to Charge. 

It was a privilege to acknowledge Mick Mitchell and recognize his deeds in Nam. Remember when we honor one we honor all.

A special thanks for Charlie Bader, webmaster of the 12th Cavalry web site, and his efforts to make www.12thcav.us a special vehicle to keep us all informed, locate fellow troopers and tell our stories.  Use it with pride  and respect.

The presentation by that attractive young lady, Michelle Githens Baugh, at our luncheon was an emotional, sincere expression of respect and love for our fallen and fellow  troopers. Not too many dry eyes there.

Our trip to Ft. Knox went well and we had a chance to see the past at Patton Museum and the future - eating with the troops, updating us on the current Armor vehicles and amazing tech-o equipment, and combat training simulators. Great visit.

My overall reaction to the Reunion was that it renewed my faith in our veterans, what good solid men of character and what a privilege to call you comrades.  An Honor to be in your company.


Take care and God Bless.               

Jim Dingeman
Honorary Colonel of the Regiment (HCOR)
12th Cavalry Regiment


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