Veterans Day 2006



Veteran's Day is with us once again and our 12th Cavalry Troopers are moving into combat in Iraq.  Both the 1/12th and 2/12th Battalions have deployed and are in country now.  Keep them in your prayers with the full knowledge that these young men will hold our Colors high just as all you did some years ago.  

On this Veterans Day let us remember our fallen comrades from the brotherhood of soldiers who "gave their all"- we honor them and remember them with pride and heavy hearts. 

Our country and the 12th Cavalry have some tough times ahead -let us go forward with determination to do our part to help our active duty troopers  and our fellow veterans. 

Thank you for your service.  Welcome Home.  Warmest Regards.


James W. Dingeman
Honorary Colonel
12th Cavalry Regiment



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