Christmas 2006



Merry Christmas to the 12th Cavalry family and warmest  greetings to all.

As we celebrate this holiday season,  let us remember our families, our fellow troopers and especially our young men in combat in Iraq.  We honor those who have paid the supreme sacrifice  so that our regiment and our country would endure.  Stand tall and be proud.

As we gather together -let us join hands to support each other and be "Always Ready" to help when needed.

I salute all of you troopers as great Americans, those who have served and those who  continue to serve,  so that our country will always be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Gob Bless you all and to all a good night. -By the way - Merry Christmas,



James W. Dingeman

Colonel USA (R)

Honorary Colonel 12th Cavalry Regiment


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