Veterans Day 2007



On this day I want to express to all members of our Regiment , thank you for your service and dedication to defend our people and all that our country stands for.  We remember those who gave their lives as we observe this Veterans Day.


To our Active duty troopers in Iraq, you join the rosters of our Veterans, as you continue your tough mission in that hostile environment. Your actions continue to make us proud. We all keep our Iraq troopers in our prayers.   


A warm thank you for the families of our Iraq  Troopers - they hold the family together, bring comfort to each other and support their loved ones who are deployed.  We join them in their prayers for a safe return from combat.


I recently read an article which had some great thoughts  which I would like to share:


A Veteran--whether active duty, retired, or national guard or reserve-is someone who, at one point in his ,or her, life, wrote a blank  check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount of  "up to and including my life."  That is Honor, and there are way too many people in  this country who no longer understand it.


Be assured that all the veterans of the 12th Cavalry Regiment  understand this  and that makes us proud to stand tall with our fellow soldiers.


God Bless and Take Care. 


James W. Dingeman
Colonel USA(R)
Honorary Colonel of the 12th Cavalry Regiment


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