Christmas 2007



Christmas and Holiday Greetings to the 12th Cavalry family:

The Honorary Colonel of the 12th Cavalry Regiment send his warmest Holiday and Christmas greetings to all our 12th Cavalry family.

The Regiment got the best Christmas gift ever when our two Battalions - 1/12 Cavalry and 2/12 Cavalry closed into home stations - Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss- before Christmas.  WELCOME HOME OUR FELLOW COMBAT VETERANS OF OUR GREAT REGIMENT.

All of you "BE PREPARED' to help each  other adjust to your new environment and conditions. Those of us who served overseas in prior conflicts know the adjustment problems can be solved with understanding and love.  I know you are up to the task.

WELCOME HOME 12th Cavalry  Troopers .  We are proud of your actions in Iraq.  You held our Colors High

God Bless, 

Merry  Christmas and Happy New Year  to all.


James W. Dingeman
Colonel USA (R)
Honorary Colonel 12th Cavalry Regiment


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