2009  Memorial Day Greetings to the 12th Cavalry Family



Warmest personal greetings to all our brotherhood of warriors of the 12th Cavalry.  

On this Memorial Day let us pause to remember and reflect upon the memories of our fallen comrades. There "but for the Grace of God go I".  Those who fought with us will never be forgotten.

Remember to live a life that is useful, virtuous, worthy, moral and meaningful and "ALWAYS BE PREPARED' to help your fellow man. 

I salute you all and reflect back on bygone days with sorrow but with pride those who "gave  all".  

Let us remember we can still "give some".

I am proud of our 12th Cavalry past, present and look forward to a positive future.

GOD BLESS and keep well.


Colonel, USA (R)
Honorary Colonel of the Regiment
12th Cavalry Regiment