Veterans Day 2010

On this day, we veterans remember our fallen comrades, our brothers in combat, we shall not forget them in our entire lives. We remember the respect, order, accountability and responsibility that was an integral part of our military experience. It shaped our lives. Those that gave all are remembered with great respect. We live in the land of the free because of the brave.

Combat days are still vivid to us all. Remembering the fear, intensity and the unknown of what is happening and then taking action to due your part in the team effort to make it through the day. Our 12th CAV troopers were "Always Ready" to meet and overcome the challenge.

Let us not forget that our 1/12 and 2/12 young soldiers are in Iraq or training to deploy. Modern warfare may utilize different weapons and technology than earlier conflicts but combat stress is still the same. These young men and women still carry our colors high and with pride. Keep them safe.

A special thanks to our wives, parents and children who provided support and understanding to us all. They kept the home fires burning bright, suffered in the loss of loved ones and have stood by us through bad times and good. We owe them a lot. Thank you all.

Keep well and be "ALWAYS READY'' to stand tall for our great country.


Jim Dingeman
Honorary Colonel