Photographs of Vietnam 2/12 Cavalry

Company D


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LZ Ross

LZ Ross December 1967.

By Phil Wickersham

Three Guys

Jerry McNelly, Phil Wickersham, Jim Davidson at LZ Leslie in January 1968.

By Phil Wickersham

Blair & Wickersham

PFC Blair and PFC Wickersham at LZ Ross.

By Phil EWikersham


PFC Phil Wikersham at LZ Leslie.

By Phil Wickersham

Air Strike

PFC Phil Wickersham pointing toward an air strike in the Que Son Valley.

By Phil Wickersham.

Moving to PK17

At Camp Evans preparing to move to PK17.

By Phil Wickersham

LZ Wharton

LZ Wharton looking northwest toward Khe Sanh, April 6, 1968.

By Doc Bosma, C 1/77 Arty.

Ronnie Sparks

PFC Ronnie Sparks, KIA, April 6, 1968 at LZ Wharton.

By Carolyn Sparks Edwards

LZ Jane

LZ Jane, mid 1968

By Rick Rockholt

LZ Moody

Looking east toward the coast. Ashau Valley was to the west. May 1968

By Rick Rockholt

Charles Hardy

PFC Charles Hardy, KIA 8-16-68 at LZ Nancy.

By Steve Hardy

LZ Hardcore

Jamie Smith at LZ Hardcore in August 1968.

By Jamie Smith

Rockholt & Pippen

Rick Rockholt, Stacked Deck 5-Mike, unkown assistant gunner , Gunner Pippen. November 1968 in a rubber plantation outside of An Loc.

By Rick Rockholt

Pine and Knotts 2001

Eddie Pine - Plt Ldr 68 and Larry Knotts CO 68

Co D 2/12 Cav

By Jerry Tausz

Stanic 2001

Pete Stanic Plt Ldr 68

Co D 2/12 Cav

By Jerry Tausz

At the Wall

Carolyn Sparks Edwards at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial honoring her husband, Ronnie Sprarks, Panel 48E, Line 35.

By Carolyn Sparks Edwards.


Jamie Swidecki

1968-69, Delta Company

Frances Griffith

1st Plt. D-2/12 1966-67

By Frances E Griffith

Sanders, Griffith, Longoria

Frankie Sanders, Francis Edward Griffith Jr., Reynaldo Longoria.

1st Platoon D company 2/12


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