12th Cavalry Band, 1929
Fort Brown, Texas
Charles Kercher



An article from the Cass City, Michigan Chronicle newspaper dated  Friday, March 15, 1929

Chas. Kercher, who is a member of the 12th Cavalry Band, writes his parents from Fort Brown, Texas, under date of March 6, as follows:

Was rather busy last week as it was the week of the polo tournament and we gave the music for the games. The game was Wichita, Kansas vs. Fort Clark, Texas. Teams come here from quite a distance and parking space at the game was thirty dollars.

We played last night at Matamoros, Mexico at the Cara Expanal at a banquet given for the polo teams and their wives. Pretty classy, an open air garden, Spanish court and baby grand pianos. The weather is very sunny and pleasant.

I suppose you have read about the Mexican revolution. Well, don't take it too seriously as no order has been sent here or to Fort Ringgold. The fighting is all up at Monterey. If the troops do turn out for border patrol all the band will do is stand at the gate and play until the last trooper and his mount is past.

As you see in the papers, Col. Lindbergh inaugurates the Brownville-Mexico City Air Mail service and will be in Brownsville this Saturday. They are giving a big banquet at the El Jardis Hotel for him and his lady friend and the orchestra I play in has the honor of giving the music for this occasion. "Lindy" is at present down in Mexico waiting for plane repairs.

They have a fine airport here, a Federal and also a Municipal. The waiting room looks like a big castle. We played guard mount this afternoon. It was a perfect blue sky.

For your benefit I am going to explain an interesting game that was played at the last horse show where we furnished the music. About fifty soldiers on horses get in a big circle around a ring of chairs. There is one less chair than riders. They run the horses in the circle while the band plays and when we stop playing they all jump off and run for the chairs and right here is where the fun comes in as some of the horses balk, etc. You see there is going to be "one slow" left without a chair, so he is put out. The next round another chair is taken out, etc. until only two men and one chair are left, and they race for it, and the one getting it wins the game.

Am enclosing a picture of our orchestra. I sure put in some fine times playing in a saxophone trio, also a clarinet trio. Will try and send pictures of the full band later.

The Essex Bag-pipe Band from Windsor, Canada, was here last Saturday. They certainly were a fine bunch of bag-pipe players. They would play a number and then our 12th Cavalry Band would give a number. We had a large crowd and the people sure enjoyed it. Many of the people here never heard the bag-pipes before. The Canadians were much pleased with the valley and called our country here a Paradise. They said the winter up there was the coldest in twenty years.

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