Patches of the 12th Cavalry



2nd Cavalry Division

1923-1933     12th Cavalry Regiment


1st Cavalry Division

1933-1949     12th Cavalry Regiment
1957-1963     2/12th Cavalry
1963-1983     1/12th Cavalry
1965-1972     2/12th Cavalry
1975-1981     2/12th Cavalry
1992-Current     1/12th Cavalry
1992-Current     2/12th Cavalry

1965-1967 1st Battalion (Airborne), 12th Cavalry - 1st Airborne Brigade

5th Infantry Division

1962-1972     4/12th Cavalry
1975-1990     4/12th Cavalry


3rd Armored Division

1957-1989     3/12th Cavalry


90th Infantry Division

1963 - 1965     5/12th Cavalry


1st Armored Division

1957-1962     1/12th Cavalry


Armor School

1986-1992 12th Cavalry Regiment
1/12th Cavalry
2/12th Cavalry
5/12th Cavalry
6/12th Cavalry


101st Airborne Division

Aug 1971-Nov 1971     Troop A, 4/12th Cavalry


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