Greg Higdon
Company C, 2/12th Cavalry 1975-1980



Being stationed in Wildflecken was a great time for some of us; we were part of what was at that time called Reforger exercises.  For those of us who were still wet behind the ears it was a time of a glorified vacation.  To go on Dental Call meant catching the bus to Wurzburg; and then waiting around after sick call to go back to the 'Rock' as it was called.  We were there in the Winter and were able to take care of Christmas shopping at the Kriskindes Market in Nuremberg.  Days of guard duty were broken up by trips to the border and spending time with the 7th Cav and listening to the mines go off as the temperature changed.  Weekends were met with going into town, staying on base playing RISK or ordering pizza; which considering we were in Germany was not bad at all.  Everything we used was rationed and that was a pain.  Had to go to the liquor store at the top of the hill for beer or wait until after 4 pm and buy it from the machines in the hallway.

We were Mechanized Infantry a far cry from airmobile in Vietnam.  We drove 113s and 577s, even the 11B got mechanized vehicles.  We road marched to Regensburg from Wildflecken and we were a sore sight compared to the Mercedes and Volvos barreling down the autobahn; one of M88s sideswiped a Mercedes but we just kept rolling on.  Maintenance got reamed that day.  

But you know those were the good days in my life.  I made great friends; lost a few along the way;  Stan Gilmore died shortly after we were rotated back in a car accident on New Years right after a ice storm which everyone knows Central Texas is notorious for. 

The unit lost good men in the fields of Vietnam and the roads of Texas. Let us all remember that life is short; it is the friends that we have that makes life grand.


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